Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Me A-Z

I read this on Julie's blog and she tagged everyone who read it so here I go
ACCENT: Ohio with a little Virginian thrown in.
BREAKFAST OR NO BREAKFAST: Breakfast every morning
CHORE I DON'T CARE FOR: putting away laundry
DOG OR CAT: both one dog& two cats
FAVORITE COLOGNE: I really like rose scents like Vera Wang and Stella McCartney
HANDBAG I CARRY MOST OFTEN: depends on the season. Right now a cute Isaac Mizrahi from Target
INSOMNIA: Occasionally : (
JOB TITLE: Student
KIDS: Not yet hopefully someday!
LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: In the same house I grew up in, in a quiet friendly neighborhood
MOST ADMIRABLE TRAIT:honesty and devotion
NAUGHTIEST CHILDHOOD BEHAVIOR: Ganging up with brothers and picking on my sister
OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAY: when I got ear tubes when I was 6 or 7 and after my foot was run over by a car
PHOBIAS: walking with my foot asleep
QUOTE: I can't think of one right now
REASON TO SMILE: Life is good!
SIBLINGS: 2 younger brothers, 1 older sister, and 1 older sister in law (I love to rub that in!)
TIME I WAKE UP: between 8:30-9:00
UNUSUAL SKILL OR TALENT:I have an amazing memory for random trivial facts!
VEGETABLE I REFUSE TO EAT: peas- yuck!!!!!
WORST HABIT: I can be really hard on myself over little things
YUMMY STUFF: chocolate cake with chocolate icing or pretty much anything chocolate!
ZOO ANIMAL I LIKE MOST: The orangutans. The babies are so incredibly cute the adults aren't bad either!

I'm going to copy Julie and say if you read this you are tagged & must do it in your blog!


Deb said...

I saw your blog on Knitting Help. I like how you write and I'll keep checking back to see if you update. Is it weird for a person you don't know to read your blog even though you sort of advertise it? I think so, but I find other people's writings interesting. Sorry, I tend to ramble. :)

Holly said...

Not weird at all. I do the same thing!!