Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Making Progress

I tried writing this last night but my computer was acting wonky. It's back to normal after I rebooted so I'll try this again! I finished Dotty's hat! I'm really happy with how it turned out if it fits. I am in desperate need of a good head model. I have a huge head as does my Mom. So we are both out of the running. I was going to try it on my bro's girlfriend but I ended up being sick when they were going to visit. So for now it is sitting in my knitting bag. I finished one section of Red Roses. I used a quilted lattice stitch The flash did odd things to the pattern but you can get the idea. I really love this pattern. I've used it before and am always happy with the result and how easy it is!I have one more section to go on it. I think I am going to use a pattern form my stitches calendar called crocus buds. Then I will do the border! I also finished my portion of Lavender's blue preemie blanket. I don't have a picture yet as my batteries for my camera are charging. I'll post one tomorrow. I'm about half way done with my section of Rainbow Joy 2 . I'm also doing a border on it. I finally found a not hideous green (I'm using the kelly green which looks better in person thatn it does on my screen) for rainbow blocks and am half way through my first repeat. I should have it finished in the next day or so! I really love the pattern we are using. It's called seed blocks Again I will post piccys when it is done! Yes I do have knitting ADD right now! Mom's poor sweater is just waiting paitently to be finished. I think I may have mentioned that she decided she wanted it to be long sleeved not 3/4 so I am stuck in st stitch boredom trying to get the sleeves long enough. I have to try and finish it up soon or she'll think she is never going to get it!
Well it's late and I should try to get some sleep.

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