Monday, January 14, 2008

UFO list progress report

Hi and Happy Monday!

I know I just posted my ufo list in my last post but my knitting diet challenge has helped my whittle away a couple of the projects. I'll find out tomorrow about my weight ; ) .
Here is my list of UFO's as posted last post with an update
1. Craig's Ohio State scarf - only one more red striped section and one and half more gray sections.
2. My socks- haven't touched
3. Malden's sweater redo - starting later this week
4. Mom's calorimetry
5. Andy's hat - haven't even thought about it!
6. My crocheted Log cabin square for the Charity Log Cabin round robin- being mailed tomorrow!

Craig's scarf is my Achilles heel as far as UFOs go. I work on it for a couple of nights then I am so bored I have the work on something else. This is to avoid poking my eyes out with my new Options. So tonight I will be back knitting on it. I am getting sooo close to finishing it I... must... press... on.

I just noticed that I am more worried about my UFOs than I am my homework. This is a bit disturbing to me. But I suppose it is the price one pays when they have such an addiction.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My UFO list

I joined a weight loss challenge on KH. Here are the guidelines
To join, you have to pledge the following:
1.) To work on an UFO at least 1/2 hour each day
2.) To pick up an UFO instead of nibbling
3.) To decrease your stash along with your weight
4.) To post pics of your FOs
5.) To share your joys and frustrations whether weight or yarn
6.) To share links to free patterns you are working on that are terrific!

In order to keep myself honest I thought I would post my ufo's here.
1. Craig's Ohio State scarf
2. My socks
3. Malden's sweater redo
4. Mom's calorimetry
5. Andy's hat
6. My crocheted Log cabin square for the Charity Log Cabin round robin

Craig's scarf has the most time in it but still has the longest to go. I am probably about18 inches away from being done.
Malden's sweater is a pretty simple fix I just need to reknit the bottom portion to make it a little bigger for him. His neck is much bigger now than when I first measured him and the collar of the sweater was absolutely choking him.
Mom's cal is the same thing I just need to make it bigger
Andy's hat was a complete disaster and I frogged before I even gave it to him. Thankfully he doesn't really mind but I want to get it done soon as it was a Christmas present. The log cabin square has to be done by the 14th so i can mail on the 15th. I am not too worried about it but I need to get it done!

My goal for this week is to work on Craig's scarf instead of nibbling at night and get it done! I am pretty sure I can do it.