Monday, January 14, 2008

UFO list progress report

Hi and Happy Monday!

I know I just posted my ufo list in my last post but my knitting diet challenge has helped my whittle away a couple of the projects. I'll find out tomorrow about my weight ; ) .
Here is my list of UFO's as posted last post with an update
1. Craig's Ohio State scarf - only one more red striped section and one and half more gray sections.
2. My socks- haven't touched
3. Malden's sweater redo - starting later this week
4. Mom's calorimetry
5. Andy's hat - haven't even thought about it!
6. My crocheted Log cabin square for the Charity Log Cabin round robin- being mailed tomorrow!

Craig's scarf is my Achilles heel as far as UFOs go. I work on it for a couple of nights then I am so bored I have the work on something else. This is to avoid poking my eyes out with my new Options. So tonight I will be back knitting on it. I am getting sooo close to finishing it I... must... press... on.

I just noticed that I am more worried about my UFOs than I am my homework. This is a bit disturbing to me. But I suppose it is the price one pays when they have such an addiction.

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