Sunday, January 25, 2009

A quite Saturday

It's so bizarre to me that this week is over already. I honestly can't say were it has gone. The beginning of the week my bro , sil and wondermutt were here. They left Tuesday, and I have basically alternated between working my bootie off and chilling the rest of the week. Mom and I are both on huge organize the house kicks but there is just so much to do. I watched an entire season(8 episodes) of a new(to me) show on Netflix , and I started a baby blanket with some stash yarn. Why are BBC and British seasons short? I've have been watching a lot of British tv on Netflix and am always amazed by the shortness of the seasons/series and the blatant use of certain curse words. Netflix recommended Coupling to me. I was shocked by how risque it was. The entire show was built around sex. It was quite funny but I felt that I should go to confession after watching it! Then they recommend another series Ballykissangel which is a lot more wholesome. How Netflix's recommendation system work is beyond me. If you liked this show about British people's sex lives you'll like this show about a British Priest assigned to a small town church in Ireland. It honestly boggles the mind! Maybe someday it will all make sense to me.
I mention briefly before that I started a baby blanket with stash yarn. I was itching to knit something mindless while watching my British TV so I cast on for another Multi directional diagonal baby blanket that I adapted from a dishcloth pattern. I knit one for my cousin's baby a while ago and really liked the way it turned out. Some where on this blog there is a picture but so you don't have to go searching here it is again.

The blanket I just started is also a variegated yarn. I'm really excited to see how it will turn out. It is a much more masculine yarn. I'm not sure how big it will be when all is said and done. I'm just going to knit one way until I get half way through my yarn and start going the other way with the remainder. Hopefully it will be a decent size. I decided this is to be a completely stash yarn project. So no matter what I won't buy more yarn for this! It can always be a doll blanket if it turns out super small , but I don't think it will. I about half way through my first skein and have a at least ten inches in width.
Well I really should go to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow. I'm finishing priming a bedroom that was painted Virginia Tech orange on the walls and maroon on the trim. The first coat is on but it definitely needs a second!
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Friday, January 23, 2009

New Year new look

Well at least for my blog. I was reading someone's blog today and loved her background so I followed the link to the cutest blog on the block and had a looksee. There were so many choices! I finally decided on this one. So far I really like it!
Once again I can't believe how much time has passed since I've been here. I haven't been knitting much since the Christmas push. I knit felted mitten ornaments for the extended family this year here is a picture of my test mittens I made a while ago. For some reason I forgot to take pictures of my finished projects before I sent them. Each ornament had a pair of matching mittens held together by a matching braid. The mittens ended up being just over 2.5 inches high. I was really pleased with how well the turned out. They were just so cute! Every person who received a pair was really impressed, they couldn't understand how I made them. I loved feeling like a knitting genius!
I also finished my Mom's everlasting bagstopper (except for the straps) on Christmas morning! eek talk about cutting it close. Every year my gift to my Mom is her stocking. This year I put her other stocking gifts inside the bag stopper then put it all in a large gift bag. The stocking I had knit for her birthday (just remembered I didn't take a picture of that either- doh!) is much more decorative than functional.
Last night I decided to finish the sitcom chic, that was supposed to be for my Mom, for my sister's birthday. I was exactly on gauge but the sweater was still really short on my Mom's incredibly long torso. I had planned on lengthening it since I hadn't sewed the sleeves on yet when I noticed she had a sweater almost exactly identical to it in her closet that fits her really well. Thankfully my Mom and sister are the same size except my sis doesn't have the torso length. It is a huge relief that I can actually used the sweater and not just frog the whole thing! It's also nice that I only have a little bit more to go since her b-day is only a couple of weeks away.

I have tons of things to do today and need to going but am so not motivated. I guess I should sign off.Thanks for stopping by!