Thursday, June 12, 2008

Caffeine good!

Last night I read on knittinghelp about a copy cat recipe site. Being a former culinary student and all around lover of cooking I thought I would check it out. I found quite a few recipes I really want to try. But one in particular really caught my eye. The copy of Dunkin Donuts coolata. I love coolatas in the summertime! I made one this morning with a few mods. I omitted the hazelnut syrup because the I had hazelnut coffee, I used homemade chocolate syrup and instead of just milk I used 1/2 Coffee mate and 1/2 milk. It wasn't exactly like a what I would get from DD but it was darn good. As I was drinking it I was inspired to start working on one of the oddball baby blankets that showed up here yesterday. I actually received two yesterday. I already had one here and soon I'll be getting a preemie blanket! Oy! But I LOVE working on them! I'll post picts as soon as my camera is charged of the goodies that came with the blankets. I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again knitter really are the most generous people!I'm about half way through my 1st section on Red Roses now. I'm doing 2 sections and probably a border on it.I most likely would have finished it but, Bentley(my dog) needed to go out so I took him. It has been 100 degrees here for days and finally yesterday the heat wave ended and it cooled off. I have a garden around my mail box that was being overrun with weeds. When walking past it with Bentley, I decided to start weeding the garden while it was still in the shade. An hour later I was done. I'm so excited! I've been eyeing different flowers to put in it and now it is ready to go! I was shocked to see that a few annuals I planted last year came back but were hidden by the weeds. B , after he went potty, was so cute he just laid down in the shade and took a nap while I was working. I don't know if it was the "coolata" , that I 'm feeling better or a combination but it sure feels good to get things accomplished again . Especially after a week or so of feeling like a slug!

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