Monday, June 16, 2008

Adopt a cat month!

I was reading the paper this morning and one of the stories was about June being national adopt a shelter cat month. Then I looked up at the calendar and thought wow it's the 16th already! But I digress. I didn't adopt my cats from a shelter but they were going to be taken to a shelter if I didn't adopt them. I just couldn't let that happen. I'm pretty sure I would have never gone and adopted a cat let alone 2 if they hadn't been shelter bound. The shelter here is a kill shelter. They don't give kittens a more than a couple of weeks before being euthanized due to the constant and overwhelming number of kittens they get. I don't agree with their policy but I do understand lack of funding and space. Here they are a few days after they came home. How could anyone resist those faces!?! Joey is the gray one and Sierra is the tabbyThis picture was taken a couple of months ago. They will be turning 5 next month.

I know it's cliche for a knitter to have cats but I really don't care. For the most part they leave my knitting alone. Occasionally one will attack a tail hanging while I am knitting but other than that they are good. I don't regret for one second that I chose to have these sweet loving creatures become part of my family. This next picture I took this weekend. It's a little gross but sweet at the same time. Joey never covers when he uses the litter box. He will scratch the wall, the box everything but the litter. Sierra always covers for him. On Saturday morning I went to clean the litter boxes and saw this expression of Joey's love for me.

I highly recommend adopting a cat!

Knitting wise I start Dotty's chemo cap but it was turning out humongous! Note to self read the needle size recommended and make a gauge swatch. I'm using the laced edged lady's hat pattern from Headhuggers. I'm using Plymouth Bamboo which is really soft and breathable! I decide to go ahead and make her two. My second hat will be the floppy brimmed hat. I think it will be perfect for summer! I'm not sure what yarn I'll be using for the second hat. Darn I guess I'll have to go yarn shopping! ;) I'll be sure to post pictures when they are done!
Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!

xoxo, Holly


karina said...

I just love your cats. I have 4 cats, they are brilliant pets, Don't think I have ever been without a cat.

Holly said...

Thanks! I would love to have more cats but money and space are an issue right now. 4 cats must be fun!