Friday, August 29, 2008

Reflections on my first week of school.

Yep, it is that time of year again classes started on Monday. Thankfully I only classes 2x a week Tues and Thursday. I don't think I have ever been able to swing that before. I have always tried but there was always one class that I needed that would be on a different day. This is my first semester at a different school. I was nervous and excited on Tuesday. I got to school early to pickup the one book I wasn't able to get online. I was shocked to see a line about 10 people deep to get into the bookstore. Then another long line to pay. I finally got in paid $135(!!!!) for a lab manual and made my way to class. My only other problem was parking. I couldn't find a parking spot anywhere near the building I needed to go to class in or the bookstore so I parked in a guest parking area. I decided I better not risk getting a ticket and moved my car before class. 15 minutes later I was parked and rushing to get to class. Not a very good start to a new semester. I kept thinking this wouldn't be happening at my old school but I will try to keep an open mind. Just keep an open mind Holly was my new mantra! I really liked my A&P prof as a person. But as an instructor he is sorely lacking. He posts his notes online and skims over them during lecture. I know that I learn best when I take notes and hear a prof say something. But I decided it's the first day give it more time. Lab was interesting-ish. Then came Ethics. I realllllllllly wanted to take this class online but they were filled before I registered. My prof looks like if Dustin Hoffman and Richard Gere had a baby. He sounds very Dustin Hoffmanish. I had the worst time staying awake in his class, he goes off on these tangents that just never seem to end or be related to anything. Then today was my second A&P lecture. Parking was a nightmare again. I was sitting trying to take notes but he really wasn't lecturing when the girl next to me said" do you think he will ever lecture? I guess we have a lot of reading to do." I agreed then the guy sitting next to her said" this is it, this is how he teaches" I walked out of class very disappointed. I have had several great sciences teacher at my old school and couldn't believe this guy was so highly rated as a teacher. I came home and talked to Mom about it all and she asked well is it too late to register for another A&P class at your old school. I looked online and saw that my favorite Bio prof had openings in her lab and lecture. I signed up immediately and dropped my other A&P. I am so happy I did this. I know I need to know this stuff for Nursing and I really don't think I would have learned as well or as much as I know I can with Ms. Mason. I sent her an email tonight so hopefully I can spend the weekend trying to get caught up. Tomorrow I am going to return my lab manual and get my money back!

OK I know this is supposed to be a knitting blog and I bore you all with the everyday aspects of my life. Sorry! Here is a little something I worked on this week. Meet Go USA! baby oddball blanket! I really love how my section turned out.

I also updated the Southeast baby oddball blog.
I had the idea to show the blankets in progress instead of just as they are now and I am really happy with how our blog looks now. Not that I wasn't liking it before. I just think this takes it up a notch and really shows off each person's contributions a little better.

Goodnight all! Thanks for stopping by!

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Kelly said...

I love seeing the progess pictures on the blog too. Good luck with school.