Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bentley's Leash Bag Holder

I posted a picture of one of my latest FO on and received quite a few requests for the pattern. So here it is. I looked at a lot of bag holder patterns online but I couldn't find one that I really liked so I knit this.
It can hold four plastic grocery bags. I really love it, this is probably one of the most useful things I have ever knit. It has eliminated my pocket full of bags and I am always prepared when B goes.
This is my first attempt at pattern writing so if anything doesn't make sense please let me know! I'll also be happy to help if you need it!
Leash Bag Holder
worsted weight yarn I used about half a skein of Peaches n Cream cotton from my stash.
This pattern is knit in the round. I used magic loop for mine but you can use whatever you favorite method is for knitting in the round.
size 7 needles for ribbing
size 9 needles for the rest

Cast on 28 stitches with size 7 needles.Being careful not to twist the stitches join to knit in the round. Begin ribbing K2 P2 around.
Continue to rib for 18 rounds.
Switch to larger needle and knit 2 rounds.
Begin increase rounds. I knit into the front and back of the first and last stitch on the needles for a total of 4 new stitches.
K-2 rounds
Continue alternating increase round and 2 rows knitting until you have 44 stitches.(total of 5 increase rounds)
K 6 rounds
Begin decrease rounds. I decreased by knitting 2 together at each end of the needles 4 stitches per round.
K 1 round
Repeat alternating decrease round and knitting rounds until you have 4 stitches.
I used the final four stitches to make an i-cord loop to attach to the leash. My i-cord is about 2-2.5 inches. (If I were to make it again I would make the i cord longer so I could pull the holder through it it attach it to the leash.) I finished the loop by drawing my tail yarn through the remaining stitches. I then brought the tail yarn through the top of the holder to the inside. I tied a very secure knot and wove in the ends. Congratulation you have now knit your very own poo bag holder! I attached the holder to his leash with an elastic ponytail holder- very classy I know : ) but it works great!


Kelly said...

This is great!! I was tagged on my blog. And now you have been tagged. Check out my blog to see what I mean. :)

Holly said...

lol- thanks Kelly!