Thursday, August 21, 2008

The summer has flown by!

I can't believe it is the end of August already! Where did summer go? I start classes again next week. Eek! I actually have a really good schedule. I only have classes Tues and Thursday this semester. I wish I could say my classes will be easy but that would be just a little too much good luck wouldn't it! As you can on my previous post I have been filling my break with meaningful endeavors. LOL! Remember how I told you about the engagement party and how my bros , sil and bro's dgf were coming down. Well Bro # 2 brought his Wii. So of course we played. A lot. On Sunday when they all left Mom and I were sitting around relaxing and suddenly she said 'I really want a Wii". Thinking who am I to argue I agreed it would be fun. So the next day Mom was running some errands and came home with a Wii! I didn't think she would actually buy one but she did! I haven't seen Mom this excited about anything in a long time. She loves it! Of course so do I! So my days have been filled with knitting and Wii. Not a bad way to relax!

I got the Autumn Leaves baby oddball blanket yesterday. I love the yarn Dawn used. I'm going to do my section in SS Autumn red. I also cast on for a new blanket Go USA! Spikey of the the Northeast region inpsired me to try a star pattern. Keep your fingers crossed it turns out! I'm trying to figure out a way to do exactly 50 stars. Yes, I am a little obseesive thank you. I'm going to have to play with the pattern a little to see if it works! I 'm really excited in last couple of days we have gotten 2 or three new knitters from Ravelry. Our little group is growing! Yippee!

I received some bad news from my vet this week. Bentley was due for his yearly. While I was there I mentioned that he has been acting really clingy to me. He is very reluctant to go out with Mom, and he just hasn't been himself lately. She thankfully listened to everything I said, asked a lot of questions and started his examine. He has alway had a slight heart murmur. After she listened to his chest for what felt like forever she said she wanted to get a chest x-ray. My poor sweet B has an enlarged heart now. So tomorrow I have to make an appt with a cardiologist for him. Those are words I never thought I would say. He has to get an echo. Dr W. is very confident that he can be treated. All of his blood work was good, he is a good weight, she said he is in great health except for this. But in the back of my mind I keep thinking of Ricky our first dog who died of an enlarged heart when he was 10. B is only 7. I hope I don't have to wait too too long for the appt with the Cardiologist. I need to hear from her that my baby is going to be OK, that this is 100% treatable and that he will have a normal long life despite this. I can't even imagine losing him. I would be heartbroken and so would both my cats especially Joey. I feel a little better get this off my chest.

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