Friday, August 22, 2008

I am woman!

Hear me roar! LOL!!! On the side of our house there are 3 very badly overgrown holly bushes. They are huge and not very attractive. For a while Mom and I have been talking about taking them out and putting in something pretty. Well today was a beautiful day so I decided to conquer one of them. And I did!! Bentley and I went out early this afternoon. He was laying in the grass while I dug and dug. About half way through I decided to take a break and eat some lunch. When I came back out I was absolutely determined to get it. While I was digging my neighbor called over the fence to see if I needed any help. I thanked him but this was my battle to fight and gosh darn it I was going to do it. Thinking back I probably should have let him help, it would have gone much faster with another shovel! Finally I was able to cut all the huge roots and get the bush out of the ground! I don't believe I have sweat that much in a long time! I even started to get a blister on my thumb boo hoo. After all was said and done Bentley decided to help by making the hole bigger and laying in it. Tomorrow I will be planting in this new hole a Rhododendron that my Mom received for Mother's day that has been just hanging out waiting for a spot. I am so proud of myself! Now I just have two more to go. I can't wait, well actually I can but if the weather and my body hold up I am going to get them!

I made the cardiology appointment for B today. I thankfully only have to wait until Sept 10th. So not too much longer. Seeing him digging today it was hard to believe there is anything wrong with him. I guess he did stop sooner than he normally would have but he was really working on making that hole right. I wish I had had my camera with me he was so funny!

Unbelievably I didn't do any knitting today! I think this is the first day in a long time that I can say that. The more I think about it the more I am convinced that I need to add more length to the body of Mom's sweater. She has a really long torso and I am afraid that it will be too short on her. She keeps saying it will be fine but I don't want to make a sweater that she won't wear. Or that she will wear to not hurt my feelings and feel uncomfortable in. I would just have to unbind off the armpit stitched. I am still working on the darn sleeves. I feel like if I ever get them done it will be a miracle! I feel like I keep knitting and they just won't get long enough! I'm going to make them a priority. I really want her to be able to wear it in the fall!

I'm actually tired tonight. Yard work apparently is good for making people tired at a reasonable hour. Thanks for stopping by!


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