Monday, July 28, 2008

Words I never thought I would say

Today was my last final at my current school! On the way there I heard the traffic report saying the tunnel I have to go through was slightly backed up. By the time I about 5 miles from the tunnel I knew I was in for a long wait. Traffic was stopped. I didn't have my syllabus with me so I couldn't call my prof. I was frantic!!! I couldn't miss my final! After 40 minutes of sitting there they finally reopened the tunnel and we all crawled through. Then once through they had one lane closed. So we all merged in to the right lane and continues to crawl down the road. My final started at 5 I finally got to school at 5:45. My prof wasn't in the room so I picked up a test and started to work. I looked at the first question and was still really frazzled from my drive so I decided to come back to it. Same with the second question. I went on with the rest of the test.I got to the last question and drew another blank. I knew I had just read the info before I left but I couldn't quite remember it all. I answered as well as I could. I went back to the first question and started to answer it. I got an answer but I knew it wasn't right. Then I looked up and I was the last person in class. My prof said 10 more minutes. I left number one and started number two. All of the sudden he said "Sorry Holly I have to leave. You are going to have to turn in what you have. " I wasn't even half way through solving number two. I was really upset on my drive home. I've never left a final feeling as badly as this one. Thankfully I had an "A" going into the final so I should be fine grade wise. I was really thinking I was going to get straight "A"s again and I am pretty sure now that is not a possibility. All I really care about at this point is did I pass the class. It is the only class I need to get my associates degree.
So you are probably thinking what are those words you thought you would never say. #1 is I am done with TCC!! #2. is I'll be happy as long as I get a C in Stats.


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