Saturday, July 19, 2008

All the photos I should have posted.

I tried to post this yesterday and I had all sorts of problems. Out of frustration I finally decided to walk away and try later. So here I go again! Fingers crossed!!

Let me start by saying I am still in awe of Deb's generosity! Here is the picture of everything together

My swap partner is going to have to be a little more patient! I had to order the yarn I wanted to get her. Now I'm just waiting for it to come. I'm really excited about everything I have gotten so far. I'd love to spill the beans and tell all about it but she could possibly read this and I don't want to ruin her surprise. Here is a picture of the extras I have for her package all wrapped and ready to go!
Swap teaser

Remember how I said I had 5 oddball baby blankets. Slowly but surely they are getting finished! Of the original 5 I only have Speed Racer to finish! I finished the Red Roses yesterday! I truly love this blanket! It was knit with Caron Simply Soft in Red. Each knitter did a 4 inch section with a different stitch pattern. The different textures on this are amazing. I did the last two sections and the border. For some reason I kept thinking of this as a girl blanket so I did crocheted ruffle. I wish I had known about this ruffle before it was so easy!( 1st row sc around, 2nd row 3 dc in each stitch). I think I am going to suggest to the Southeast Oddballers that we do more blankets like this. I really wish you could see it in person, the pictures don't do it justice!

Here is a picture of Rainbow Joy II. I did the purple section and the crochet border. I decided to keep the border simple and just did sc around.
Rainbow Joy 2

Here is Rainbow blocks. As I said in an earlier post I did the green section.Rainbow blocks

I've looked and looked but I guess I didn't take a picture of Lavender's blue.I don't know why! I'll definitely post a picture of Speed Racer when it is done! Well I think I am all caught up on show and tell :) Thanks for reading about all of this!

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Stiks said...

i am the luckiest knitter on the swap..I was the recipient of the many goodies put together by Holly!! She is so creative and I am grateful.