Monday, September 29, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - a first for me!

I've seen this on Kelly's blog several times and have always thought I should try it. So this week I'm giving it a try. I am going grocery shopping tomorrow so this should really help keep the bill to minimum. Here's hoping! This is a crazy week at school with tests so I will mostly be using my trusty crock pot. For great crock pot cooking site check this out! Every recipe I have tried has been good!

Monday - whole chicken in crockpot *, garlic green beans and corn muffins
Tuesday- eating out - Celebrating Mom's retirement !
Wednesday-Simply Roasted Pork , roasted potatoes, veg
Thursday- Vietnamese Pho Soup in Crockpot, salad
Friday- Leftovers!
Saturday- Crockpot bacon and cheese chicken, garlicy mashed potatoes, salad
Sunday- French Beef Stew in bread bowls, salad

*I don't have a link to this recipe. Here is what I do. Bunch up 5-6 balls of Aluminum foil and throw into crock pot. Wash and season chicken (today I will use garlic powder,onion powder, salt, pepper, and thyme. I will also put half an onion in the cavity.) Place chicken on top of Al balls and cook on high for 3-4 hours.

Thanks for stopping by!


Kelly said...

Welcome to MPM!! I am so glad that you decided to try it. You will love it!! It makes life so much easier. Thanks for the link by the way.

Mimi said...

Welcome to menu plan Mondays. This is my second week and it's funny to see how many people frequent a year of crockpotting.
The crock pot bacon and cheese chicken is so good. we've had it a couple of times for supper and everyone seems to enjoy it at my house.

Holly said...

Thanks Kelly and Mimi! I am really excited about this!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday, it's nice to have you! Congratulations on your decision to start menu planning.

Homemaker Barbi (Danelle Ice)

Holly said...

Thank you! SO far this week has been very stressful and the menu planning took one thing off my mind! I love it!