Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've been tagged!

Kelly tagged me the other day on her blog. This should be fun!

1. I do not like to eat of plates that are the same color as the food. We have Fiesta wear and eating a salad off a green plate or eggs off a yellow plate really bothers me.
2. My third toe on my left foot is very crooked. I really don't remember the details (no abuse just stupid kid stuff!) but some how I stepped on a drill and it went through part of my toe.
3. I love to organize. The worse something is the more I like to tackle it.
4. I still remember my best friend from elementary school's phone number and all of my locker combos from middle and high school.
5. I mostly use conditioner to wash my hair.
6. I hate to shave my legs! I do it because I have very thick hair and would have man legs quickly but I really hate it!
7. I never use dark blue ink pens. I think it looks weird to write with blue ink. But I use a turquoise pen to write important things in my planner.

Now the fun part! The rule say tag random people but I am not that brave so I will tag the last 7 blogs I have visited! I tag:


Kelly said...

This is so fun!! Thanks for doing it! :)

dustinac said...

Holly, I filled it out on my blog...I called mom and JD for answers and ya know they wouldn't tell me. Mom finally gave in and gave me a couple : )

Thank you for tagging me and readiing my blog! : )

Anonymous said...