Saturday, February 21, 2009

Is it over yet?????

Be forewarned this will be a long possibly whiny post! This has been a totally nutty week in the P house. Yes I know it is normally pretty nutty here especially considering it is just my Mom, my dog , my two cats , and myself who live here.
I live in a large room above the garage at my Mom's house. It has a lovely large picture window that brings beautiful sunshine into an otherwise cold( or hot depending on the season) room. This past Fall I noticed a piece of the interior trim had fallen off the window frame. I looked at it and told my mom about it and really didn't think too much about it. Then winter came and every ounce of wind outside that window came in through the spot where the trim was. I gave it a closer look and again talked to Mom about it. Then a few weeks later I noticed mold on the wall under the same spot. I have allergies and mold really freaks me out. I talked to Mom again and she agreed we probably should have someone look at it. I moved into a guest room to get away from the mold. The day after I moved into the guest room I was walking through the garage and for some reason looked up. The wall under my room was covered in big nasty mold splotches. The next day the moisture guy Tony came. The window that I love so dearly was incorrectly installed almost 14 years ago. It has probably been leaking almost since it was installed. He took the insulation and drywall( can it still be called drywall if it is wet?;) down in my room under the window and in the garage. He has to replace a bunch of studs along with the window, insulation and drywall. We ordered the windows and on Monday he is coming to start the work. The big window is now going to be 3 energy efficient windows! Right now I have clear plastic covering the studs in my room and just studs in the garage. Tony came out on Monday and did everything else on Tuesday. So really in all not counting the time for the windows to come in the whole project will be done in 3 or 4 days. All of this I can handle.
What I am having a harder time handling is my sweet Joey being sick. On Tuesday morning I came into the kitchen to find a pile of cat vomit. No biggie, it's not that unusual to find vomit when you have 2 cats. When I fed them they both ate so I figure it was just a hair ball coughed up on a full tummy. Later in the day I came home and found another pile. I was starting to get a little worried but I have 2 cats and didn't know who the puker was. Wednesday was calm until after dinner when again my mysterious vomitter left another pile for me. I was tempted to take both cats the the vet and say figure it out but they both seemed fine. Then on Thursday I saw Joey throw up shortly after having eaten his dinner. Finally I knew who it was but the vet was closed for the day. He still seemed fine so I decided not to go to the e vet and wait until my vet opened in the morning. Friday morning Mom woke me up around 7 and said Joey had just thrown up after she fed them breakfast. I took a quick shower and rushed him to the vet. He didn't have a fever, he hadn't lost any weight, he wasn't dehydrated,and his abdominal examine was inconclusive. So Joey got his first set of x-rays. The diagnosis was Joey is constipated. Yep, my cat is full of poop! He was given a shot of anti nausea medication and I was given some meds to give him at home along with a couple of cans of gentle food. What does cat constipation cost in Southeastern VA $110.639! After I was told the total amount I was even more glad I didn't go to the e-vet it probably would have been at least $300! Thankfully Joey has not thrown up since the shot and seems to be feeling a lot better. He even wrestled his favorite mouse toy tonight and carried it all over the house trying to find the perfect place to deposit it. I'm not sure if he has pooped at all since his sister is a big pooper. Since I discovered the first pile o vomit I was partly wishing that I had only one cat. It would make this stuff( puke & poop watch 2009) a lot easier. Not that I would trade either of them for anything in the world. But a girl can dream can't she....

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