Sunday, January 25, 2009

A quite Saturday

It's so bizarre to me that this week is over already. I honestly can't say were it has gone. The beginning of the week my bro , sil and wondermutt were here. They left Tuesday, and I have basically alternated between working my bootie off and chilling the rest of the week. Mom and I are both on huge organize the house kicks but there is just so much to do. I watched an entire season(8 episodes) of a new(to me) show on Netflix , and I started a baby blanket with some stash yarn. Why are BBC and British seasons short? I've have been watching a lot of British tv on Netflix and am always amazed by the shortness of the seasons/series and the blatant use of certain curse words. Netflix recommended Coupling to me. I was shocked by how risque it was. The entire show was built around sex. It was quite funny but I felt that I should go to confession after watching it! Then they recommend another series Ballykissangel which is a lot more wholesome. How Netflix's recommendation system work is beyond me. If you liked this show about British people's sex lives you'll like this show about a British Priest assigned to a small town church in Ireland. It honestly boggles the mind! Maybe someday it will all make sense to me.
I mention briefly before that I started a baby blanket with stash yarn. I was itching to knit something mindless while watching my British TV so I cast on for another Multi directional diagonal baby blanket that I adapted from a dishcloth pattern. I knit one for my cousin's baby a while ago and really liked the way it turned out. Some where on this blog there is a picture but so you don't have to go searching here it is again.

The blanket I just started is also a variegated yarn. I'm really excited to see how it will turn out. It is a much more masculine yarn. I'm not sure how big it will be when all is said and done. I'm just going to knit one way until I get half way through my yarn and start going the other way with the remainder. Hopefully it will be a decent size. I decided this is to be a completely stash yarn project. So no matter what I won't buy more yarn for this! It can always be a doll blanket if it turns out super small , but I don't think it will. I about half way through my first skein and have a at least ten inches in width.
Well I really should go to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow. I'm finishing priming a bedroom that was painted Virginia Tech orange on the walls and maroon on the trim. The first coat is on but it definitely needs a second!
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dustinac said...

Hi Holly, I love the new background and the blanket looks wonderful! If you check on my blog you will see an award for you : )

cindy said...

I saw your Autumn Leave blanket on Rav. What pattern makes the diamonds? A nephew is setting up housekeeping and I'd like to make him an afghan. thanks Cindy