Saturday, September 22, 2007

Surprise Themed Swap!

Hi! I am part of the very fun and sneaky surprise theme swap over on Knitting Help! I have been dieing to tell someone who my swappee is but I shall resist for just a little bit longer! Instead I will post everything I got for her. First we have the oh so amazing Mmmmalabrigo yarn in Geranio. On my screen the color isn't quite right. To me it is a really rich blend of reds with a touch of pink. I don't know if she has ever used this yarn before but I absolutely love it. The people at KH kept talking about eventually I broke down and bought it. They were right! I now feel it is my duty as an informed knitter to share the mmm love! It was so hard for me to package it up I just want to keep it and pet it for the rest of my life. LOL!
Next there are the two ideas I "borrowed" from my swap pal last time Dustina. She was incredibly kind and generous. The first thing is a magnetic board. It has been a complete lifesaver when working on patterns. I can use the magnetics to mark my location it's great! And I saw the cards while shopping in a obscure little bookstore and knew I had to get them for her. I used my whole pack in about two or three weeks when I got them! And everyone commented on how cute etc they are so in they go!

Finally there is the washcloth I knit for her with a mini bar of one of my favorite soaps. The washcloth is my attempt at completing the color theme she gave. Have I given it away who I have yet?

It has been a ton of fun being part of the swap! I highly recommend it to any one who is unsure just join the next one!
I guess I will say bye for now. Dinner needs to be made and the dog needs to be walked.
XoX, Holly

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